Welcome to our valuable offer of individual estates in COSTA RICA, also called “the Switzerland of Latin America”.

Fincas for sale! Here we introduce you to three highly unique estates, which are prefectly suitable for realisation of your investments. Or find your safe haven and build your very personal vision and turn your ideas into reality. Here you may find the place to live in peace, harmony and serenity. The climatic conditions in the highlands are said to be of the most comfortable all year round, the environment and air is clean and unpolluted, the region won´t be affected by climatic changes and radioactive fallout so much, and political circumstances and economic conditions are stable. So life is safe and uncomplicated here.

Enjoy a walk over your possible new home-estate by seeing more details in the galleries below. Or read the general information you need on the following pages. We provide you with the essential knowledge you need about the country and how to settle there.

Interested in one ore more of these estates? Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us.

Finca Puriscal
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Finca San José de Rivas
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Finca Rio Chirripo Pacifico
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